Friday, August 5, 2011 8:21 AM

When in Doubt Choose to Witness

Friday, August 5, 2011 8:21 AM
Friday, August 5, 2011 8:21 AM

What does a great life in Christ look like? When a man becomes a Christian and then becomes a great soul winner in Christ certainly it must be like the great Bible stories. God calls in a significant way and great things are done. Or it can be as simple as a Sunday school teacher walking into a shoe store. Can anyone even imagine the great works done in the name of the Lord by Dwight Moody’s’ life?

Read this next story and imagine if you will how so many lives would have been lost had Mr. Kimball, Dwight Moody’s Sunday school teacher, decided not to enter the shoe store and witness to Mr. Moody.

 If you are uncertain, choose to witness, for you may be witnessing to the next Dwight Moody. Do not let others label the “Gospel” politically incorrect or intolerant. The “Gospel is love”…choose to witness.

“At seventeen years of age, Dwight Moody tired of farm life and ambitious to work his way upward in the world, decided to go to Boston. He arrived there without any money, and tried in vain to find work until he was almost in despair. He then found employment with an uncle who was in the shoe business. He succeeded well as a salesman, and became a regular attendant at the Mount Vernon Congregational Sunday School. Having but little schooling, he took little part in the discussions in the class in Sunday school, but gradually became deeply interested in the study of the Bible, and finally took part in the discussions. His teacher, Mr. Kimball, took great interest in him, and gradually led him to see the plan of salvation until all that was necessary was a personal interview to lead him to Christ. Mr. Kimball prayerfully sought for a proper time for this interview.

Mr. Kimball relates: "One day I determined to speak to him about Christ and about his soul, l started down to Holton's shoe store where he worked. When I was nearly there I began to wonder whether I ought to go in just then during business hours. I thought that possibly my call might embarrass the boy. In the meantime I had passed the store, and discovering this, I determined to go back and enter and have it over at once. I found Moody in the back part of the building wrapping up shoes. I went up to him at once, and putting my hand on his shoulder, I made what I afterward thought was a very weak plea for Christ. I don't know just what words I used, nor could Mr. Moody later tell me. I simply told him of Christ's love for him and the love Christ wanted in return. That was all there was. It seemed the young man was just ready for the light that then broke upon him, and there, in the back of the store in Boston, he gave himself and his life to Christ."

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