Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:19 AM

The State of Education in America Part 2

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:19 AM
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:19 AM

Having a business background, I often find myself thinking in terms of results. This is the key difference in managing government and managing a business. A business person looks at the results. Whether good or bad a businessman wants to understand the underlying facts.

The underlying facts in Chart 1are that it used to cost on average about $40,000.00 dollars to educate a child. It now cost $150,000.00 with no corresponding improvement in the test scores.  In fact, most scores have fallen slightly. It is even more of an incredible failure when you realize every process in life since 1970 has gotten so much more efficient.  

Chart 2 tells us that public school enrollment has increased 10% while school employment has risen 100%. Public education has become about rewarding constituents and not about educating our children.

These two charts would be enough for a business to voluntarily shut down. A businessman would realize that with numbers such as these the failure is too catastrophic to recover from…we have already lost several decades of children. How long before we understand; God has only ordained the father and the family to educate our children.

Most parents are not able to teach their children in every subject but this is being overcome. Parents are doing it every day with outstanding results in home school. Home school children consistently outperform public or private school children. It can be done.

But, it must be realized that there are parents that are unable to home school or they are fortunate to have a good school to send their children. This is not God’s ideal way, but stay involved and pray; that change will come for every child.

Some will respond that without public school how would my wife and I work and feed our famil? Good question, but without public school the savings in every aspect of life would prosper every family beyond belief. God does that kind of thing. We would need very little property taxes, police force, prisons, drug treatment, and the list goes on endlessly in savings and blessings.

And, that is only the monetary blessings; our children would be so much happier, and so much better educated. They would not be falling for the evolution lie, the global warming lie, the historical distortions of our books, the lie of moral relativism and this list also goes on and on also. God’s will has blessings and going against God’s will has curses. Chart 1 and Chart 2 clearly show the curse of public education that our children are enduring.

 The end of this system is coming. Not by administrators, not by teachers, and not by parents…it will come from the children that endured this failure at the hands of the administrators, the teachers, and the parents.

Remember your children’s spiritual education is also the parent’s responsibility. Prayer is strength and God’s word is power. Do not rob yourself or your children of strength and power…pray and study your Bible with them.

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