Resources For Men

Good and True Bible Resources:

Fathers are busy, the world is complex, and good Biblical resources are hard to find. I have used every one of the resources that you find below.

Audio Bible

Have the Bible read aloud to you in any version you like.


Free Copy of Acts and Facts

The Institute of Creation Research has great resources to help you teach your children a biblical view of creation. You can subscribe and they will send you free by email a copy of their "Acts and Facts" magazine. This magazine has articles by Christian scientist that are the tops in their field. They provide some of the latest insights and research to refute evolution. Especially good for home schooling.


Net Bible Free Download

This Bible was done by The Dallas Theological Seminary. It has more notes than any other Bible. You can get versions for both PC and MAC. You can also get version for mobile devices.  A word for word translation, which makes it usable for Bible study. Put your pointer on the note reference and it pops up, which makes it efficent to use.


Institute for Creation Research

Here is a great resource for defending science and the Bible

Free Bible Study Software

50 Free Bible Studies

50 of the best Bible Studies by Dr. Fructenbaum; my absolute favorites.

If you want to understand God's plan from cover to cover from a Messianic view of the Bible, you have them here. The most comprehensive studies taught in an easy to understand style.

Blue Letter Bible

This site is full of resources, especially the audio Bible studies. I also recommend the Chuck Missler audio commentaries. He has done the whole Bible verse by verse, and I have listened to every takes some time but its worth it.