Tuesday, November 11, 2014 4:03 AM

Obama Orders 'Mental-Health' Testing for School Children

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 4:03 AM
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 4:03 AM

Normally I stay away from commenting on politics and naming politicans or parties, but this issue is a huge problem waiting to expolde.

Leo Hohmann writes in World Net Daily the following about mental health testing for school children which will soon become mandatory for all.

These ordered and mandatory tests are given under the guise of “gun safety” in schools, and I am sure as Christians you can see the abuses coming. Imagine when your child is labeled with a mental issue for being a Christian. What about when home schooled children are all labeled with issues, and they are ordered to be under the care of the government…in public school.

Such designs hint at broader motives and agendas, reports Professor James F. Tracy in an article for Global Research:

“1) the federal government’s continued aggressive transformation of the healthcare system; and 2) psychiatry and drug manufacturers’ shared mission to persuade an increasing segment of the national and global population that it has one or more undiagnosed mental or emotional ‘disorders’ that require analysis and treatment.

Introducing psychiatric explanations and methodologies into school environments guarantees a growing customer base for the psychiatric profession and pharmaceutical industry. Alongside government’s increasing control of healthcare, the technocratic surveillance and management of everyday thought and behavior is likewise emerging as part of what is deceptively termed ‘wellness.’

In reality such efforts ensure an ever-expanding bureaucracy, handsomely line the pockets of a select few, and further normalize a culture of learned helplessness and control within an environment that already privileges conformity as a matter of routine.”

Marti Oakley, a radio host and author of the blog the “PPJ Gazette,” took up the issue of school mental-health screenings in July when she issued this scathing report.

The active attack on public education through the Common Core curriculum has now taken one giant step forward as Minnesota and other states passed aggressive mental health laws directed at our children. Several additional public schools in the state will now have [mental health] clinics on site as the programs become established; clinics that will be used to aggressively label the greatest number of children possible as having one or more mental disorders. Tied to these bills are massive government subsidies and other targeted funding.

In other words, our children will be traded for dollars regardless of the lifelong damage that will be the result from the assessment of fictional mental disorders; an assessment which will follow them for the rest of their lives whether real or just imagined by a mental health provider. Many will become dependent on the highly addictive psychotropic drugs known as neuroleptics and will suffer from a myriad of adverse side effects.

Oakley asks: “Why does that statement make me cringe? Maybe it’s the unfettered access to more than 35,000 Minnesota school students and the ensuing data mining that will also be relentlessly conducted and stored in permanent lifetime files for easy access by insurance companies, federal and state agencies and eventual employers.” 

It will get worse and it will be soon.

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