Friday, September 17, 2010 6:42 AM

Educating Boys

Friday, September 17, 2010 6:42 AM
Friday, September 17, 2010 6:42 AM

Teaching at all levels over the last thirty years has concentrated on improving the standing of girls and rightly so. This concentration has now become something more than it was ever meant to be. What started out as a program to improve the educational environment for girls, turned into a hostile environment for boys. Read the following quote from a story in the Washington Post and then you can read a recent experience of mine.

“For the first time, more women than men in the United States received doctoral degrees last year, the culmination of decades of change in the status of women at colleges nationwide.

The number of women at every level of academia has been rising for decades. Women now hold a nearly 3-to-2 majority in undergraduate and graduate education. Doctoral study was the last holdout - the only remaining area of higher education that still had an enduring male majority.

Women have long outnumbered men in earning master's degrees, especially in education. Women earned nearly six in 10 graduate degrees in 2008-09, according to the new report, which is based on an annual survey of graduate institutions.

Scholarly attention in recent years has turned to the fallen aspirations of men, who are more likely than women to drop out of high school and more apt to be diverted from higher education into menial labor or prison. Men also join the military in disproportionate numbers.”

 By Daniel de Vise
Washington Post Staff Writer


Having raised or helped raise eight boys who now range from 14 to 39, I watched it unfold over these last thirty years. I have heard and seen some of the most biased comments and actions by women teachers that are very well meaning individuals. Most teachers are now women and a needed balance has been lost. The educational environment is controlled and run by women, and these women expect boys to act like girls. When they don’t they are labeled as troubled and many times drugged or put into remedial classes.

Boys instinctively feel and know that they are in a hostile environment and they get out as soon as they can. If this were happening to girls, it would be a national scandal. The statistics are not in doubt and yet the average parent has no idea that their boys are under a full assault. This is not strong language this is fact, the numbers bear it out.

My most recent experience in a private school happened with my youngest son in his seventh grade advanced placement math class. He is a nationally recognized young scholar. He was awarded the “Grand Recognition Award” by Duke University for outscoring 90% of high school seniors on the SAT’s at 13 years old and only in the 7th grade. In math class he debated and debated successfully that there was more than one way to solve many problems with a female teacher.

The result was in going into the eighth grade the same female math teacher, a female head of 8th grade, and a female math program director tried to move him to a basic level math class for the eighth grade solely because the basic math teacher was a male. Claiming that he and the female math teacher were not getting along and that he was so smart that he would have no trouble catching back up with the advanced math class in the 9th grade. This is so unbelievable that it sounds like fiction; unfortunately it is all too true for far too many boys.

 Now keep in mind that my son has never been to the office at any time or been put on detention of any kind. This action was taken only because of his ability to solve math problems in more ways than the teacher taught and wanted to deal with. Educating young boys is not what it used to be, therefore young boys are not graduating high school, going to college, graduating college, and going on to receive higher degrees like they used too.

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