For The Fathers teaches the Bible to all that will listen; men, women, and children with an emphasis on men's ministry.

For the Fathers Ministry is a non-profit ministry that seeks to heal and strengthen men by the power of God's Word. To heal and strengthen a man is to heal and strengthen his whole family. The statistics show that a man holds sway over approximately 36 souls. These are his own immediate family, his extended family, and his friends and associates. For every man that receives the Gospel, his walk in Christ will reach and be seen by many.

For The Fathers both speaks about and teaches the Bible. Seeking unbelievers as well as believers that have questions about the claims of the Bible. Each question and each view is treated with respect, but understanding that salvation is only of Jesus Christ. Calling all to turn and receive the forgiveness and glory that awaits those that are in Christ.

Fred Myers - Founder and Director

For The Fathers Ministry was created by Fred Myers to teach the Bible to make disciples in Christ. Making disciples is a command of Christ, therefore each of us that commit ourselves to the call—Christ will enable.

Fred was born on a dairy farm in northern Virginia. After high school, he entered the Army. Fred was selected for the Special Forces and entered the School of Special Warfare at the JFK Warfare Center in Fort Bragg, NC. Fred graduated as a Green Beret Medic.

Fred served a tour in Vietnam and was awarded two Bronze Stars. A service Bronze Star and one with an oak leaf cluster for valor, and the Combat Medics Badge. After three years in the Army, Fred went to college on the GI Bill and graduated from George Washington University with a BA in Finance.

This a non-denominational ministry calling the believer to knowledge and the unbeliever to salvation by offering a safe place to consider the claims of Christ in the Bible. Fred is especially calling men in the hope that their whole family can enter Heaven together.