Tuesday, September 22, 2015 7:25 AM

21 Steps for Making Decisions in Wisdom

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 7:25 AM
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 7:25 AM


  1. I have or do not have the ability and intellect to comprehend in order to judge or discern a situation or issue.
  2. I have a sympathetic awareness and a tolerance for others situations and issues before speaking.
  3. I am aware of other’s feelings and I am willing to be forgiving.
  4. I am a believer in the name of Christ and kept in the power and presence of the name of God, therefore I have the insight to meditate on God’s word before making a wise decision.


  1. I am a believer and therefore I have checked God’s Word of Truth with my information.
  2. I have used biblical comprehension and perspective for this decision.
  3. I understand this decision clearly, and I have determined whether the information is true and valid—if not I will seek biblical and secular councilors.


  1. I have or do not have the skill and proficiency in this activity or specialty, and I am able to understand the meaning or importance of this issue, and because I care enough; I am willing to look closely and consider this matter with full attention.
  2. I will effectively implement a plan that responds appropriately to good and evil.


  1. I have and will use caution in my everyday practical affairs while making this decision.
  2. I will consider not only my own needs, but I will also consider the impact on others.
  3. I will be biblically shrewd, but I will also balance this shrewdness with a biblical capacity for understanding through deliberation with a willful intention to choose good over evil for myself and others in this matter.


  1. Before I act and speak in a particular situation, so as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information; I will fully consider all issues while keeping the confidence of others.
  2. I have the freedom in Jesus Christ to decide what should be done knowing that God accepts any path that is biblical—again discerning the right moral decision by knowing the good from evil, and choosing the good over evil.


  1. I have the ability to make something clear, or perceive something clearly, or I will seek biblical based advice from those with biblical Wisdom.
  2. I have developed the information for this decision by using all of my abilities by being attentive with scrutiny—observing with reasonableness and the rationality of a clear conscience.
  3. I have made this decision by avoiding the controlling influence of inordinate emotions or desires.


  1. I have used all of the words of Wisdom to consider this decision in order to make skillful and wise living choices for a correct biblical life style. I have understood that I cannot believe what I think; therefore I have confirmed what I think with God’s Word.
  2. This decision demonstrates the understanding and knowledge to avoid evil in every situation whether practical, intellectual, moral, philosophical, or religious.
  3. This decision has not caused my spiritual life to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. I have and will be patient of spirit—not acting in pride.
  4. I am aware that the world wants me to be deceived by every plausible argument, but having, sense, prudence, discretion, and the insight to seek peace and pursue Truth I know this decision is in biblical Wisdom.

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