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Monkey Mythology

By Fred Myers

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Actually, the only features of Lucy which even hint that she walked with an erect posture are her knee joints. Humans’ knee joints are distinctly different from apes’, so these joints indicate how the creature to which they belonged walked. Unfortunately, when presented with the Lucy fantasy, most university students never hear that when Dr. Johanson required a knee joint to prove that Lucy walked upright, he used one found nearly two miles down the road, buried 200 feet deeper than the other bones. Did you comprehend that? Lucy’s knee joint had walked away from the rest of her bone fragments. How many evolutionary books do you suppose contain this bit of devastating information? If there is one, it most likely will be written by an evolutionist who wishes to discredit Johanson in order to make a name for himself. When questioned about the distance between Lucy’s knee joint and the rest of her bone fragments and how he was so sure the knee joint was Lucy’s, Johanson replied, “anatomical similarity,” meaning it seemed to fit and looked like it was a part. How is that for convincing evidence that Lucy walked upright and was on her way to womanhood? If this is science, then we are still living in the Dark Ages. This isn’t comical; it’s absurd. What is laughable is that evolutionists claim that creation science isn’t scientific. Clearly, the knee is not Lucy’s, but even if were, it has not been proven diagnostically to belong to a creature who walked upright. In fact it more likely belongs to a tree-climbing creature, according to Dr. Oxnard and other authorities. Johanson misrepresented the evidence. And most likely he did so for fame and fortune. If a businessman made claims like this to sell his products, he would be charged with fraud rather than being paid an honorarium when invited to share such an unfounded assumption. As an anthropologist, Johanson is fully aware that a large hip joint does not prove upright posture, neither does it prove higher intelligence nor the ability to beget a human. Here we have another case of a proud father who will not confront the facts about his “child.” The result is belief in science fiction or monkey mythology. Lucy has a long way to go before “lady luck” can link her with Adam and Eve.[1]   [1] Lindsay, D. G. (1995). The ABC’s of evolutionism: Ape-man, batman, catwoman, and other evolutionary fantasies (the rest of the stories). Dallas, TX: Christ for the Nations.

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