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Which Bible Translation is Best?

By Fred Myers

Published on May 28, 2016

I pulled this from a Mark Ward blog and thought that it probably names the Bible translation tribes pretty well. “Mark Ward states that he is on a mission to end Bible Translation Tribalism. If you don’t know what I mean by “Translation Tribalism,” see if any of these tribal stereotypes (some borrowed from another blogger) ring true for you: The NIV 2011 is the Bible of the broad swath of centrist evangelicals. The TNIV is the Bible of egalitarian leftist evangelicals. The ESV is the Bible of complementarian, conservative, neo-Reformed evangelicals. The NASB is the Bible of conservative evangelical serious Bible students. The KJV is the Bible of fundamental, independent Baptists. The HCSB is the Bible of Southern Baptists. The NLT is the Bible of seeker-sensitive evangelicals. The NET Bible is the Bible of computer nerds. The NRSV and CEB are the Bibles of Protestant mainliners.”  

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